About Us


Homefinders was established in Cork in 1985 and is now trading as Homefinders Management. Our sole purpose is to offer a professional property management service of the highest quality to both landlords and tenants. In particular, we recognise the importance of providing a personalised service which can be tailored precisely to the requirements of our customers.

It is this focused specialisation in our chosen field that has made Homefinders one of the leading names in the property management sector. The range of services that Homefinders Management can provide to landlords is very comprehensive. This website outlines the ways in which we can help you. We can give advice on investing in property, refurbishing, maintaining and ways to maximise the potential of your investment. One of the key factors to the success of our approach is that the Homefinders office is locally owned and managed. This brings a number of benefits to our customers. Individual managers have intimate knowledge of the local property market and keep ahead of market trends.