Management Service and Fees


To ensure maximum return from your investment we aim to keep your property occupied at all times.

Rent Processing

The rents are collected on a monthly basis by ourselves and then lodged to your account. We also, at the start of each tenancy agreement take one month rent as a deposit, which we return at the end of the agreement after any deductions deemed necessary are made.

Property Visits / Inspections

Your property will be visited / inspected three times per anum. A full report is compiled and all inspections are forwarded to you. This not only gives us the opportunity to ensure your property is kept well maintained but also takes the worry away from you.

Rental Statements

At the end of each month when your rent is processed you will receive a full statement of your rent which also outline any deductions for works completed that month in your property.


Any maintenance that is required on your property, we firstly inform you of any works needed. We then arrange one of our fully approved contractors to carry out the necessary repairs.

Fit – Out – Refurbishment

Where a property either before renting or at the end of the tenancy is seen to need a “lift”. We would contact you directly regarding this. Then once agreed we have the facility here to complete all works needed to your property.

End of Tenancy/ Vacation

At the end of all tenancies, we complete a full inspection of your property and deal with all queries that may arise and arrange any cleaning or maintenance if required. After this is complete then we look after the return of the deposit and the re-letting of your property.

Transfer of Utility Bills

We will complete the transfers with the ESB and Bord Gais for all new tenants so we and you have a guarantee that this has been completed. We also look after the refuse collections for our properties to ensure the property is kept clean.

Other Services

Besides all the management services mentioned above we also look after the following:

  • Registering your property with the P.R.T.B. board.
  • We will provide tenancy agreements (Leases).
  • Property Valuations
  • P.A.T – PA Testing on your property – see our latest news for further information on this.


Scale of Charges:
Tenants finding service: 2 weeks rent
Billboard: Fixed Price
Lease: Fixed price
If the property is withdrawn before letting, a charge will be made to cover the cost incurred, including advertising, accompanied viewings, tenant references, administration & documentation.


Monthly management fee: 6% – 10%
Organising & carrying out repairs + 15% – 20%


Homefinders also provide a range of other services which are subject to appropriate fees agreed in advance.
These include property valuations, investment consultation, property refurbishment, preparation and refurbishing and building and repair work.

*All charges above are subject to VAT*