We will ensure the tenant signs the Company Tenancy Agreement and then transfer all utility services into the property. We submit a PRTB form where necessary and set up a monthly rental payment scheme on the computer database. We ensure that an the end of each month, landlords are paid appropriate rental due.


We free you from day to day concerns of being a landlord by dealing directly with the tenant when minor problems with the property are reported. Our agreement with you authorizes us to carry out routine or emergency repairs what are reasonable and necessary, and are completed competently. Should any expensive repair or maintenance work be needed, we will always seek your authority before proceeding.


We will inspect your property to ensure that the tenant is looking after it in the same manner as you would yourself. Failure to comply would result in a further inspection and then, if this fails, the landlord is informed, so that he/she can make a decision as to whether to terminate the existing agreement.


Monthly Management fee: 6% – 10%
Organising and carrying out repairs: at cost + 15% – 20%